About us

Watershed 144 Ltd is considered as the Oasis of Highway 144.  We are located halfway between Sudbury and Timmins at the corner of Hwy 144 and Hwy 560.  We are the only stop for over 100km in any direction.  The store was first opened in the 80's and has changed ownerships a few times.  We purchased the Watershed in 2016 and wanted to change the mindset from it being a place "people had to stop at" to being a place "people WANTED to stop". We have done some major renovations and additions to the store, restaurant and gas bar since we purchase and are extremely proud of the of what we have changed the Watershed into.  Everyday travelers stop and tell us how much they love all the new upgrades and renovations. People truly appreciate that they now have a nice, clean place to stop at along their travels.